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Sunday, August 17th, 2014   Gallery Updates , The Blacklist

NBC has released the first set of promotional stills for the upcoming The Blacklist season two premiere on September 22 titled Lord Baltimore. An episode description has not been released yet but you can view the first four stills featuring Mr. Spader in the gallery.

Saturday, August 16th, 2014   Gallery Updates

The gallery has been updated with events Mr. Spader attended from 1977 to 1996 as well as new events from 2002, 2003 and 2009.

Friday, August 15th, 2014   Interviews

Playboy Magazine has released an in-depth interview with Mr. Spader yesterday. You can read an excerpt of the interview below and you can continue reading the introduction and full interview at the source.

PLAYBOY: You first caught the attention of moviegoers and critics by playing off-kilter, sexually charged dandies and creeps. You’re now entering year two on NBC’s breakout hit The Blacklist as a glib, dangerous, formerly most-wanted criminal who helps the FBI trap diabolical master criminals. Do you ever tire of being cast as reprehensible characters or being described by the press as, for instance, “the strangest man on television”?

SPADER: A recent article called me that, and an NBC publicist who handles The Blacklist didn’t like it at all. I had no problem with it. Funnily enough, my agent, whom I’ve been with for decades and who knows me well, had no problem with it either. I’m a great fan of all things strange, eccentric and idiosyncratic. Things never get strange enough for me.

Continue reading the interview at the source

Sunday, August 10th, 2014   Interviews , Videos

We catch up with the man behind Ultron as James Spader gives fans a teaser on what to expect from Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron from San Diego Comic-Con 2014!

Thursday, July 31st, 2014   Gallery Updates , Magazine Alert

Entertainment Weekly has released their post Comic-Con issue which features portraits of stars taken at the EW studio during the con. Thanks to my friend Claudia I was able to add a scan of the page featuring the Avengers: Age of Ultron cast to the gallery.

Thursday, July 31st, 2014   Interviews , Videos

Actor James Spader tells CineMovie at Comic Con how Joss Whedon offered him the role of the ultimate villain in Marvel’s sequel to THE AVENGERS. Spader will be portraying Ultron, the Avengers new nemesis in a follow-up to the blockbuster superhero movie when it opens May 1, 2015.

Monday, July 28th, 2014   Interviews , Videos

More interviews of Mr. Spader at San Diego Comic-Con have been released online and I’m sure there are more to come in the following days. For now enjoy this new interview with Fandango.

Monday, July 28th, 2014   Interviews , Videos

Monday, July 28th, 2014   Interviews , Public Appearances , Videos

NBC has released the full San Diego Comic-Con The Blacklist panel online. You can watch it below.

Sunday, July 27th, 2014   Gallery Updates

Entertainment Weekly has released their Comic Con portraits of day 3 and they included three that featured Mr. Spader! One of the Avengers: Age of Ultron cast, one with his Less Than Zero co-star Robert Downey Jr. and one picture of him alone.

Next on The Blacklist

The Blacklist returns with a second season on September 22, 2014.

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